Today I took the plunge and upgraded my UPDC account to Level 5 Premium Membership.  The process was extremely easy to do and was pretty inexpensive for the additional functionality. Let me start by saying that Upgrading isn’t going to be for everyone. The decision is going to depend on how many tokens you have, and if auto sell is important to you. There is also the “Edge” factor, but I’m in the US so that didn’t weigh into my choice. My choice was driven by the extra micro sell opportunities and the ability to auto sell.

How Much Does UPDC Level 5 Membership Cost?

Premium Upgrade
UPDC Upgrade

Probably the largest determination on if you upgrade will be how many tokens you have vs the cost to upgrade.  To upgrade you need to upgrade one level at a time.

  • Level 1 =10 UPDC Tokens
  • Level 2 =50 UPDC Tokens
  • Level 3 =80 UPDC Tokens
  • Level 4 =150 UPDC Tokens
  • Level 5 =300 UPDC Tokens

For a grand total of 590 UPDC tokens to reach level 5.

These tokens are burned, and show how UPDC can be utilized in the future with other projects. In the future as UPDC releases more projects and functionality your membership can be upgraded just through the natural course of using UPDC as a utility. As you use UPDC, tokens are burned and those burned tokens apply towards your account. Those can lead to upgrades.

Burned tokens = good for the overall project.

Ok I’m at Level 5, Now What?

The first thing I did was explore the auto sell functionality, and get that setup. This makes life a bit easier since I no longer have to log in each hour to try and sell on Micro. As a reminder, the upgrade to level 5 gives you up to 9 sell attempts “on micro” every 24 hours. You still have the ability to sell on the main exchange, which is different than micro since the main exchange ranks sell orders on a first come first serve basis. Micro exchange, as we’ve discussed previously ranks sell orders by the smallest first. Setting up auto sell is very easy. I’ll post some screenshots of the steps below.

  1. Log into the exchange.
  2. Click on the Micro Tab.
  3. Click on Auto Sell link at the bottom.
  4. Enter the amount you wat to sell, and the hour you want to sell at. Notice the current hour on the top.
  5. Repeat as many times as you want.
updc autosell
updc autosell
updc autosell

Since each auto sell order is set up and configured independently you can play around with different times of the day, and different UPDC tokens amounts. Take some time, look at the past orders to see if there are any patterns. See if there is a size that is easier to sell consistently than others. Or if you’re just looking to sell, set all of them for the minimum amount. I’m just enjoying watching the infancy of this project come together.

With the recent release of the premium, the upgraded release to level 5, and the release of the Moolah whitepaper; the writing is on the wall. The team has been telling everyone who would listen to have patience and big things will come. I understand that many crypto investors have been burned by ICOs which sounded good, but did nothing. Well the UPDC team has continued to release new functionality, as promised.  And if all of that isn’t enough…

There is this little tidbit of information which they were so kind to place in the Moolah whitepaper. If you read it closely enough you might have seen it too. “Elements of UPDC tokens are centralized in order to protect the value and overall success of the project. The UPDC foundation is working with leading exchanges, partners and industry leaders to decentralize UPDC which would see it freely traded on major exchanges around the world.”

However, that beauty of a statement is a subject for another post!