On May 7, 2019 UP Digital Currency (UPDC) received approval from Tron that their dApp was accepted, and the company issued a system message scheduling the update. From the end user side, the whole update went extremely smooth, no major bugs or issues; which is a testament to the whole team. So what does this mean to you?

You’ll Have More Tokens

First thing you’ll notice is that you no longer have UPS tokens, but now have 100 times the amount of tokens, and they are now UPDC tokens. At the same time that your token holdings increased, the price decreased by a multiple of 100 times in order to even out the difference. This means your value remains the same! As I’ve discussed in my earlier post about the split, this is the same process that happens when a stock splits. See the image below for a reminder.

UpStake UPDC Split

UPDC is now on the Tron Blockchain

This was a major upgrade, which puts UPDC on the Tron Blockchain as a TRC-20 token. You can now verify your tokens, and where you are in line. Everything is transparent now for public viewing on the chain. If you want to see where you are in the grand scheme of things you can go to https://tronscan.com.

So, how do I check my UPDC ranking?

  1. Go to tronscan.org
  2. Search 🔍UPDC
  3. middle of page click on tab “token holders”
  4. Find your ranking, listed in descending order by token balance (how many UPDC you are holding)

I’ve included some screenshots below to walk you though this process.

Search for UPDC in the search field. You’ll see UP Digital Currency (UPDC). Pick that!

search UPDC at tronscan.com
Search UPDC at https://tronscan.com

This will bring you to the UPDC Token information on Tron.

UPDC on the Tron Blockchain
Just look at that! UPDC on the Tron Blockchain

Click on the Token Holders tab, and search for the amount of tokens you have in your Upstake.com wallet. This is your ranking.

Your UPDC Token Holdings
Your UPDC Token Holdings on TRC-20

Now that this is completed, we have the number of tokens needed to run multiple projects, which in turn will increase volume and liquidity of the token. Remember that UPDC is the company and the name of the token, UpStake.com is the exchange in which you can buy and sell UPDC tokens.

Remember this is an investment, and in it’s early stages

You are investing into the future potential, so its not the price, its the liquidity that will reflect the success of this project. This model just adds more protection so you don’t get wrecked my market manipulation, dumpers, wash trading and all the other BS that goes on in the crypto space. Volume/Liquidity is the only real issue at the moment, and it increases on a daily basis. Every hour people buy and people sell, but the goal is to increase the amounts so that in the future there is no waiting in line.

Think of the early days of BTC

It wasn’t as easy to sell your BTC; it’s the same thing with UPDC. Early investors take the more risk, but also reap the largest rewards; which is why the return rate 40% growth a month is so high right now. As the project matures, more projects are launched, and volume increases, they will slowly be decreasing the monthly growth. That being said, there will always been a monthly increase on the value.