Exploring the Evolution of the UPDC Currency Network

In this blog, we’re going to cover the UPDC Currency Network and its evolution over time. I’ve included the latest image released by the UPDC core team which lays out the roadmap, goals. Including the overall picture of where the project is going and how they are going to get there. Before getting into that, I have to say that normally it’s like pulling teeth to get an actual roadmap (with tangible goals) from many of the crypto projects past 12 months. Let alone a roadmap that covers 7+ years. So lets dive into where UPDC has been, and where it’s going.

UPDC Currency Network

UPDC Phase 1

UPDC is currently reaching the tail end of Phase 1. The token is centralized and UPDC uses the UpStake exchange to buy and sell UPDC. UPDC is currently on the Tron Blockchain (TRC-20), and yields are still fairly high (30% a month at the time of this article). The team has taken the first step in creating utility for the token by releasing their Moolah dApp, which is a crypto gambling dApp. Moolah will support multiple cryptocurrencies (TRX, EOS, IOST, and UPDC), and provides a utility for the UPDC token by gambling and staking to earn daily Tron (TRX) dividends. The liquidity is still pretty low, but it’s picking up, especially since Moolah was released. Moolah is just the first in a long line of dApps that the core team has planned to expand the utility of the UPDC platform. The team is also in the process of decentralizing the token, and the word on the street is that they plan to trade on many of the major exchanges around the world.

UPDC Phase 2

Phase 2 is where things really start to come together and initial investors should start realizing some serious profits. There are some items in Phase 2 which hold significant importance to me when I think about the overall success (and domination) of UPDC as one of the new Crypto Leaders. A true Crypto 2.0 project, and global currency. The fact that they are going to decentralize the token economy and move onto decentralized exchanges is great news. As is the goal of creating their own Proprietary Base Blockchain. However, the most important part of Phase 2 for me is the utility, specifically the Online Integrations and Partnerships.

If you’ve followed how other tech businesses have reached success you’ll know that it’s mainly through integrations and partnerships. Many of the large SAAS companies became highly successful by opening their APIs up to developers and allowing them to create add-on or enhancements to the original platform. This creates a win-win situation. The developers win because they can launch a product without having to build an entire platform, and they get exposure. The Platform wins because they have developers using their platform to create great apps. Which enhances their functionality without the need for hiring a bunch of developers. They get multiple apps (in this case dApps) released, quickly. And they have the developers promoting their applications which gives more exposure. Everyone wins, especially the early investors.

All of this will drive the increase in liquidity. If their estimate of $30M + a month in liquidity holds true I think we can all agree that UPDC is a Store of Value and that the project will be a long term success. People will be able to easily sell, which will put new investors at ease. Leading the way for more and more late-stage investors. These investors will still benefit from a moderate yield level of 5% – 20%, which in any other project would be a huge monthly return.

UPDC Phase 3 – Crossing the Finish Line

If the team can fully execute on this roadmap by getting the right public leadership team in place. And if they can create the right partnerships to drive the growth needed to get to phase 3, we’re going to have a lot of multi-millionaires, and some billionaires which come out of this. Some of which would have started during the ultra high-risk ICO period by investing a couple of thousand dollars, and had the guts to stand firm through all of the FUD.

With liquidity of $1 Billion a month, and an annual yield of 4% – 8% UPDC will be a powerhouse of a platform, and a proven Store of Value. The only real question is, at what stage will you feel comfortable to join the project?

If you’re interested in learning more I’d advise you to do your own research. You can read more of my blogs, watch some videos, and/or follow the links below to visit both Moolah and UPDC.