Today I’m going to walk through how to stake UPDC on Moolah, and how to collect daily Tron (TRX) dividends. The process is pretty straight forward. However, there have been some questions around it, so I thought a quick blog post and video would help users.

If Moolah is new to you, you can check out my Moolah dApp page for a full description, or go directly to Moolah here. In short, Moolah is a cryptocurrency gambling dApp developed and released by UPDC as the first official dApp in a long line of projects to which will increase utility and liquidity. I’ve included a video below if you would rather watch than read.

Staking UPDC on Moolah to earn Tron (TRX)

A quick note, in the upcoming months you’ll be able to earn Tron, EOS, and IOST by staking UPDC.

You can earn Stakeable UPDC three ways at the moment.

  1. Wager with Tron (TRX) and you’ll earn Stakeable UPDC at an Average Rate depending on different variables that day.
  2. You can wager UPDC from the exchange at a rate of 1,000 UPDC wagered to 1 Stakeable UPDC right earned, more info here.
  3. You can earn Stakeable UPDC from referrals.

Now that you’ve earned some Stakeable UPDC, you’re going to want to stake it in Moolah so you can earn those lovely daily Tron (TRX) Dividends. The process is very easy. First go to the Dividends menu item at the top of the Moolah website. Once there you’ll see the Dividends popup window. Simply follow the screenshots below. It will likely take a few seconds to process, so don’t panic if it spins for about 30 seconds.

Note – You will need Tron (TRX) in your TronLink wallet in order to cover the transaction fees.

How to Stake UPDC in Moolah
How to Stake UPDC in Moolah

Collecting your Tron (TRX) Dividends on Moolah

Now that you have your UPDC staked you can sit back and collect your daily Tron (TRX) dividends. This process is yet again a very simple one as you’ll see in the image below. First go to the same Dividends menu link where you did your initial staking at. You can see during the day your estimated amount of Tron (TRX). Just remember that this is an estimate, and it will change during the day as more people wager, or if someone wins big. The Tron dividends finalize at the same time each day, and will be placed in an area for you to collect. Once finalized, the amount of Tron which you can collect won’t change. Simple go in and hit the collect button.

Once collected the Tron (TRX) will be placed in your TronLink Wallet, and you’ll have some choices to make.

  1. Trade the Tron (TRX) on an exchange for BTC, other Crypto, or Fiat.
  2. Wager the Tron (TRX) on Moolah to earn more stakeable UPDC and continue to increase the amount of Daily Dividends which you could receive.
  3. Split the Tron (TRX) by trading a portion of it to realize some profits, while wagering the rest to build up your stakeable UPDC.

It all depends on your long term goals, and how successful you believe UPDC will be in the future. Remember, this is Moolah 1.0. Many more features will be added, and Moolah is only one of many dApps which UPDC plans on releasing. In a a few years the UPDC ecosystem could be HUGE!

Moolah Collect Dividends

If you’re interested in learning more about UPDC and/or Moolah, check out the other pages on this site, or follow the links below. And remember, do your research before investing in any project!