Moolah - The Multi Crypto Gambling dApp

As I highlighted in the projects section of the homepage, and on the blog post about the whitepaper, UPDC is working on multiple projects at this time. One of them being, the Gambling platform where when you win you win, but when you lose you also win; while being able to stake UPDC tokens and get paid in daily dividends in Tron (TRX) – with other tokens coming shortly after launch. Let’s dig into a bit deeper. *** Note, since the dApp is still under development the details of the post below are subject to change.


I was able to get a sneak peak of the front end interface from their Telegram Group located at Images we’re gathered from the telegram room and are property of UPDC.

A sneak peak of the front-end interface - UPDC
A sneak peak of the front-end interface – UPDC

UP Digital Currency (UPDC) aims to disrupting the gambling dApp industry with a transparent, provably fair site that is powered by an established TOP 50 cryptocurrency (UPDC). With over 50,000+ members already establish in the ecosystem of UPDC, this new gambling dApp is set to hit the top of the dApp charts around the world quickly. Moolah is backed by a rise only stable currency, with built in dump/pump protection. You’ll be able to mine up UPDC in a provably fair platform which is 100% transparent, trusted and won’t leave you wrecked after you invest time and money mining the token. Here’s the latest status.
– Dice – In Development Moon – In Development
– Roulette – In Development
– Black Jack – Coming Soon
– Baccarat- Coming Soon
– HiLo – Coming Soon
– Video Poker – Coming Soon
– Crypto Race – Coming Soon Roulette Roulette Example – UPDC

100% provable fair

UPDC is planning on supporting the following cryptocurrencies: TRX, EOS, IOST, UPDC. This would mean that staking UPDC into the platform could give you daily payments from all 4 supported tokens. I plan to release a step by step how to guide, once the dApp is released and I can confirm the process of staking.

The ‘Set a New High Jackpot’ will bring a provably fair jackpot. All games will be 100% provable fair, unlike most dApps in this space.

UPDC Provably Fair
UPDC Provably Fair

The initial release will have winnings paid out in Tron (TRX). You can also stake UPDC and collect dividends. You’ll be able to withdraw your Tron and put it anywhere you want, even sell it. You will need TRX first to gamble.
Subsequent updates will add support for EOS and IOST about a month after the initial release of the dApp. Support to Gamble via UPDC will also be there in future.

A Little About Staking

If someone gamble’s on Moolah with Tron and they lose they will still earn UPS tokens by mining. Additionally, if a user stakes UPS they will get daily Tron. If you are staking you’re not gambling at all. From all of the Tron losses, the website will take part of the losses and give it to the people who are staking their UPDC tokens. It will take the other losses and buy UPDC from the website, and then they will use that to give away money in the jackpot and the mining of UPDC to the Tron losers.

This will help the volume in the official market because the website will take the losses and purchase automatically several times a day. One of the reasons people would rather use the gaming site is because even if they lose they get a rise only token, and if they wait just a little while it will increase in value and could offset their losses. This is huge differentiator.

The skilled development team at UpStake has created UpLink; it is like tronlink, except it works for UPDC tokens! It links UpStake to, and other sites in the future.


UPDC isn’t first to market with their crypto gambling site; they do have competition as you’ll see below.

Tron Entertainment Tokens Marketcap
Tron Entertainment Tokens Marketcap

There are advantages to being first to market, but first to market isn’t everything. There is first to market, and then there is BEST TO MARKET. Many of the large successful tech companies weren’t first to market. They saw where other people were successful, and they improved upon it. I.E. Amazon wasn’t first to market with mail order; Sears beat them to that decades before, but they were best to market by taking the concept adding technology and improving on the experience. Google wasn’t first to market. However, they vastly improved the experience. In my opinion, could be the best to market, and this is only the start… Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

I’ll post additional blogs about as they get closer to launch, and as I learn more details. Want to learn more about UPDC and the UpStake Exchange? Click here to visit the main exchange site.