UP Digital Currency, or UPDC for short, is a bit different from your traditional Crypto projects in the sense that you can know what your future profits will be. The project is built around an algorithm that sets the monthly return percentage. This means that market manipulators aren’t able to affect the price. They can’t short it because the price never drops, so there is no incentive to manipulate the price. I know this idea is foreign to a lot of investors who are used to seeing wide-scale market manipulation. They are used to uncertainty. Will their investment catch the upward trend. Or if they will buy at the top, only to watch as their investment falls in value. All the while, knowing that the price movement is largely determined by investors with multi-million dollar portfolios (Whales).

UPDC is different since the whales have no real power. It was built this way intentionally. It’s built around the fundamentals that every user should see UPDC as a Secure Store of Value. UPDC publishes what the monthly planned rate of return will be over the next 12 – 18 months, and there are multiple ways to see this. I’ll cover them below.

Token Price Overview

This not only provides transparency but allows users to plan (or calculate) what their investment will look like over a period of time. Since the growth is compounded your investment will grow if you allow it. To see this, go to the UPDC Homepage and about halfway down is a button that says “Token Price Overview”.

UPDC Token Price Economics

Profit Calculator

One way to easily see this is to use the Profit Calculator on the exchange dashboard. The profit calculator is located on the lower lefthand corner of the exchange dashboard. It also contains a slider, so you can see what your calculated profit would be anytime over the next 12 months. In the example of the Profit Calculator below, I put an initial investment of $5,000 USD. You can put any amount in this field in order to see what kind of profits you can realize (up to 12 months). When you move the slider it will show you what the price per UPDC token will be on that day. What the total value of your holdings will be. And what your Total Profit will be (both USD and Percent).

UPDC Profit Calculator

UPDC Future Price Calendar

The Future Price Calendar is a bit more hidden. To find it you will need to go to the UPDC Exchange (UpStake), login, click on Exchange on the left-hand menu, and hover over the Call to Action that gives the current price per 1 UPDC. You’ll see the steps below. The nice part about the Future Price Calendar is that you can see not only the daily price increases but also the hourly price increase.

Hover over the “1 UPDC =” banner, and you’ll see the text change to say “Show Future Price”. Click on this.

UPDC Price Calendar

You can click on any date and see an hourly breakdown of UPDC Token price. I clicked August 15, 2019 for this example.

UPDC Price Calendar

Researching UPDC

If you would like to learn more about UPDC, and how you can invest in a cryptocurrency where you can actually know and trust what the future price will be; click on the links below to start your research.