Did You Notice the Hint in the Moolah Whitepaper?

If you haven’t already read the Moolah Whitepaper or my posts about it, I would urge you to do so. While you’re in there, if you read very closely you might pick up on a little hint that they dropped for those of us paying attention. It’s on page 15 under the Dividends section. I’ll post it here for you.

updc major exchanges

In case you still missed it, it says “Elements of UPDC tokens are centralized in order to protect the value and overall success of the project. The UPDC foundation is working with leading exchanges, partners and industry leaders to decentralize UPDC which would see it freely traded on major exchanges around the world.”

UPDC Decentralized and Freely Traded on Major Exchanges? 

Let me start off by saying that I’m merely going off of what I read in the Whitepaper here. So this is a hypothesis. I’m not part of the inner workings of UPDC, and I’m not part of the core team. However, I do talk to leadership and the core team from time to time and what I know about them is that they are methodical when it comes to planning for the future of this project. So I was a bit surprised when I came across this as I reviewed the whitepaper.

This Raises Some Questions

My first question when I read this was how will they keep the price up? We all know that there is always a group of people who don’t care about a project and look to dump immediately. They don’t care if it harms the project or the other investors. They want their $2 and that is all they care about. If you’re not an 80’s movie buff you might not get the $2 joke.

However, even if not you understand what I mean the question remains. How will UPDC go about decentralizing onto major exchanges while at the same time protecting their long term investors? Note that they didn’t say exchanges, they said major exchanges.

Look to the UPDC Foundation Leadership and Their History

To answer this question I just had to look to the UPDC Foundation, their leadership, and their history of doing what is right for the project as a whole. For more on the long term history, you can read my Deep Dive of UPDC pillar page. For a more recent example, we can look at Moolah. The original project was touted to be released a couple of months ago. I know they could have put something out. However, it just wasn’t ready. The project had to be done right because it dealt with people’s money.

If leadership was concerned about short term gains they would have just launched another crypto gambling site that wasn’t up to the task. Instead, they took a lot of heat from impatient investors who were more concerned about short term gains than building out a platform built the right way. They focused on doing it right, and it’s set to launch in beta at any time now.

So given this knowledge, I have to surmise that the part of the statement “working with leading exchanges, partners and industry leaders” means that they are working with these exchanges to put a plan in place which will support the original vision of UPDC. A rise only deflationary token, which is predictable in its value, and a true Store of Value.

Can You Imagine the Liquidity?

The one statement I’ve made over and over again is that this project has everything, except liquidity. The lack of liquidity has been the Achilles heel of new investors coming in, and the project’s ability to blow past the moon all the way to the next solar system. If leadership can pull this off I think we’ll have a lot of very happy (and rich) investors. We should be able to scrap the Main and Micro exchanges, and we can probably scrap SPS. The sky is literally the limit. Since I’m not part of the core team I’m doing a bit of guessing here. However, I don’t believe that the team randomly put this statement into the whitepaper just for the hell of it.

Can you imagine the amount of liquidity (and exposure) that UPDC would have if they were listed on some of the major exchanges? This would also allow UPDC to be listed on CoinMarketCap, which would give even more exposure. UPDC would have a fairly high market cap, so it should rank pretty high on CMC. Imagine the questions “Hey what is this project where the token only rises, and how can I get into that?”

What Else Would a Decentralized UPDC Do?

Outside of the immediate liquidity, it would open up UPDC and independent developers to release the more advanced functionality discussed in the UPDC whitepaper. Functionality like:

  • P2P Transfers – Yes you can send UPDC to other people
  • eCommerce
  • Payroll
  • ATM Services
  • Advanced Wallet Services
  • Gift Cards
  • And on, and on, and on…

So I don’t know about you, but this little sentence in the Moolah whitepaper just gave me a whole new level of excitement about the UPDC project. Moolah itself has been exciting to look forward to. This just adds a whole new level.

If you’re interested in learning more about the UPDC project or investing, you can follow the links below. Always do your own research, and never invest in anything if you can’t afford the risk involved.  This goes for crypto, stocks, precious metals, and your best friends business venture. 🙂