Now that UP Digital Currency (UPDC) has added the Micro Exchange functionality to their exchange they have seen a large increase in volume & sales of UPDC tokens. With this large increase in volume, I’ve been seeing a lot more questions from the community in the Telegram Chat Group. Specifically around “how do I transfer my Bitcoin”, and “how long does it take”?

I’m going to do a quick “how-to” instructional blog and show the steps I went through to transfer some of my Bitcoin to my Bitcoin wallet that is located off of the UpStake Exchange.

Step 1 – Sell Some UPDC

First things first! Sell some of your UPDC tokens on the Main Exchange, or on the Micro Exchange. Or maybe you have some Bitcoin from all of your referrals? 🙂

Now that you have some Bitcoin (BTC) to transfer, the process is pretty simple.

I do want to make special note of one item (and I will repeat this throughout the post). Once you hit Confirm your Bitcoin leaves the UpStake exchange and they cannot do anything to speed up the transfer! You are at the mercy of the blockchain and the Bitcoin network. If it’s congested it could take longer, there is nothing the UPDC team can do about this. Same as if you sent Bitcoin from Coinbase or Binance, once it’s sent you have to wait.

Go to Your UPDC Wallet

Now that you have BTC to transfer you’ll need to go to your UPDC wallet on Once there, you’ll need to click on the big green Withdraw box.

Withdraw BTC from UpStake

Let’s Withdraw Some Bitcoin

The first thing you need to do is to add the Bitcoin address you want to send your Bitcoin to. Now you’re going to have to make some decisions in this next step. This decision could affect the cost of your fee and how long it takes for your Bitcoin to reach your destination. In the images below I’ve highlighted your choices. You can pick Low, Normal, or High priority. Low is cheaper but tends to take longer. Again, the UPDC team has no control over the transfer speed once you make your choice and confirm. Make sure your choice’s fees aren’t more than the amount of Bitcoin you want to transfer.

Make Sure You Confirm!

Ok, you’ve made your choice on if you want a Low, Normal, or High priority transfer.  You’ve confirmed the amount of Bitcoin (BTC) that you want to transfer, and you see the final amount after the transfer fee. Now you need to confirm this a few times. On this initial window, you’ll hit the big green Confirm Withdraw button. You’ll immediately be sent to a confirmation window (module) that highlights the amount, the fee, and what you’ll receive. Make sure to hit confirm here. Last but not least, you will receive a confirmation email. Make sure to hit the blue Confirm Withdrawal button!

Withdraw BTC from UpStake
Withdraw BTC from UpStake
Withdraw BTC from UpStake

Confirm From Email

Once you’ve confirmed the transaction in your email, you should be brought to this “Withdrawal Confirmed” message. Also, notice that it gives you an estimated amount of time before this should show up in your wallet.

You’ve Withdrawn Your Bitcoin!

That’s it, you’ve done it! Your Bitcoin is on the way. I said this earlier, but I’ll repeat it. At this point, there is nothing that UPDC can do to speed up your transaction. You are at the mercy of the Bitcoin network, and how congested it is at this time. That being said, if you have an issue or you have additional questions you can go to support. The Telegram Group is not support. The admins there have limited capabilities, and it doesn’t do you or anyone else any good to go into the room and say “my bitcoin transfer is taking a long time”. Go to the support portal on the website, and their first-class support team will be happy to help you out (where they can).

UP Digital Currency Support

Interested in Learning More About UPDC?

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