A few days ago UP Digital Currency (UPDC) released a promotion for their Lifetime Premium Membership for the UpStake Exchange. If you forgot this is the blog I wrote to cover it, and what we knew at the time of the promotional release.

  • June Promotion = Purchase over $100 in UPDC on the UpStake Exchange during the month of June and you get a Lifetime Premium Membership! This is the best deal, because you get the membership just by investing in UPDC tokens.
  • On August 1, 2019 the Premium Membership is slated to launch. At that time it will cost $199 in BTC for the Premium Membership.
  • And on January 1, 2020 the price for the Premium Membership goes up to $249.95 in BTC.

The promotion image is included below as a reminder. This went out on multiple social media channels, and in an email campaign.

UPDC Exchange Premium Membership Promo
UPDC Lifetime Premium Membership

Yesterday (June 16, 2019) UPDC released more details around the promotion, and the benefits that members will receive. Below is the graphic that was posted in the telegram groups to describe the different levels. Let’s dig into this a bit deeper so that everyone can understand the latest information.

*** One thing to note. As always, this is is subject to change by the company if anything will help the project as a whole. Always verify information with official company representatives before making an investment!

UPDC Membership Levels and Benefits
UPDC Membership Levels and Benefits

UPDC Membership Levels and Benefits

  • Probably the first and most striking thing is that there are different levels (Level 0 – 10). Each level takes a little more UPDC to be used/burned in order to achieve it. The increase in levels rewards members who are actively using the platform. “Members can level up their membership for free as the perform more transactions which burn UPDC. Burned UPDC is automatically applied to their membership. This is brilliant! Rewarding membership is the way to get the community involved.
  • Any UPDC spent to increase levels will be burnt!
  • Levels are added up. Meaning you can’t just get level 5 by burning 300 tokens, you have to climb the ladder burning the tokens for the levels before it. For example: 10 + 50 + 80+ 150 + 300 UPDC = 590 UPDC tokens to reach Level 5.
  • Auto Sell on Micro is part of premium, but not included until you get to level 5. I’ve heard some rumblings around this, but think hard about it. First any other service you subscribe to has their premium features set aside for the higher packages. Second, not everyone needs auto sell. If you have 100 tokens, there really isn’t much of a need for auto sell. There’s also value in having auto sell set aside for higher level members. Benefits can lose their benefits if every single person has them, they become devalued.
  • It’s hard to tell from this graphic, but Level 5 has 9 daily micro exchange attempts, level 7 has 12 attempts, level 9 has 18 attempts. The dash in these cases references the same as the field below.
  • There are SPS and Staking Boosts as part of the higher levels! This is extremely valuable, and something I can’t wait to take advantage of.
  • They will be adding additional features as the ecosystem expands. I’m excited to see what premium membership looks like in a couple years!
  • Premium Membership launches on August 1, 2019, and some features of the premium membership will not be immediately available.

Helping the Project as a Whole

I think it’s important to highlight this statement. UPDC is focused on the project as a whole, and success. This might mean that at times decisions they make don’t help an individual investor. However, they do help the community as a whole. Talking to a member of leadership I was told “We think super long term, universal, balanced, and above all sustainable!” In my opinion, this is exactly what I want to hear from the leadership of any project I invest in.

Watch out for scammers!

Recently we were informed that there is a group of scammers telling members that they will cover the other half of the premium membership if you send BTC to their address. Their message is that you send them half the cost of the premium membership and they will cover the other half. THIS IS A SCAM! They will take your bitcoin. Do not pay anyone but UPDC for premium membership, and only pay through the official exchange.