A few days ago UP Digital Currency (UPDC) released a promotion for their Lifetime Premium Membership for the UpStake Exchange. If you forgot this is the blog I wrote to cover it, and what we knew at the time of the promotional release.

  • June Promotion = Purchase over $100 in UPDC on the UpStake Exchange during the month of June and you get a Lifetime Premium Membership! This is the best deal, because you get the membership just by investing in UPDC tokens.
  • On August 1, 2019 the Premium Membership is slated to launch. At that time it will cost $199 in BTC for the Premium Membership.
  • And on January 1, 2020 the price for the Premium Membership goes up to $249.95 in BTC.

The promotion image is included below as a reminder. This went out on multiple social media channels, and in an email campaign.

UPDC Exchange Premium Membership Promo
UPDC Lifetime Premium Membership

Yesterday (June 16, 2019) UPDC released more details around the promotion, and the benefits that members will receive. Below is the graphic that was posted in the telegram groups to describe the different levels. Let’s dig into this a bit deeper so that everyone can understand the latest information.

*** One thing to note. As always, this is is subject to change by the company if anything will help the project as a whole. Always verify information with official company representatives before making an investment!

UPDC Membership Levels and Benefits
UPDC Membership Levels and Benefits

UPDC Membership Levels and Benefits

  • Probably the first and most striking thing is that there are different levels (Level 0 – 10). Each level takes a little more UPDC to be used/burned in order to achieve it. The increase in levels rewards members who are actively using the platform. “Members can level up their membership for free as the perform more transactions which burn UPDC. Burned UPDC is automatically applied to their membership. This is brilliant! Rewarding membership is the way to get the community involved.
  • Any UPDC spent to increase levels will be burnt!
  • Levels are added up. Meaning you can’t just get level 5 by burning 300 tokens, you have to climb the ladder burning the tokens for the levels before it. For example: 10 + 50 + 80+ 150 + 300 UPDC = 590 UPDC tokens to reach Level 5.
  • Auto Sell on Micro is part of premium, but not included until you get to level 5. I’ve heard some rumblings around this, but think hard about it. First any other service you subscribe to has their premium features set aside for the higher packages. Second, not everyone needs auto sell. If you have 100 tokens, there really isn’t much of a need for auto sell. There’s also value in having auto sell set aside for higher level members. Benefits can lose their benefits if every single person has them, they become devalued.
  • It’s hard to tell from this graphic, but Level 5 has 9 daily micro exchange attempts, level 7 has 12 attempts, level 9 has 18 attempts. The dash in these cases references the same as the field below.
  • There are SPS and Staking Boosts as part of the higher levels! This is extremely valuable, and something I can’t wait to take advantage of.
  • They will be adding additional features as the ecosystem expands. I’m excited to see what premium membership looks like in a couple years!
  • Premium Membership launches on August 1, 2019, and some features of the premium membership will not be immediately available.

Helping the Project as a Whole

I think it’s important to highlight this statement. UPDC is focused on the project as a whole, and success. This might mean that at times decisions they make don’t help an individual investor. However, they do help the community as a whole. Talking to a member of leadership I was told “We think super long term, universal, balanced, and above all sustainable!” In my opinion, this is exactly what I want to hear from the leadership of any project I invest in.

Watch out for scammers!

Recently we were informed that there is a group of scammers telling members that they will cover the other half of the premium membership if you send BTC to their address. Their message is that you send them half the cost of the premium membership and they will cover the other half. THIS IS A SCAM! They will take your bitcoin. Do not pay anyone but UPDC for premium membership, and only pay through the official exchange.

Today UP Digital Currency (UPDC) announced their Pre Launch Promotion of the Lifetime Premium Membership program. This is exciting news for a multitude of reasons. First, it means that we’re getting closer to seeing some new UpStake exchange functionality. The promotion states that; “the details of the included benefits of premium membership will be officially announced on August 1, 2019 when the product is launched”. I do know that Premium Membership (once you get to a specific level) will allow you to setup automated sell orders on the UpStake micro exchange. That alone is worth the investment. But it sounds like there are other goodies wrapped up in here. UPDC states in the fine print that; “it will be loaded with value and extra benefits giving premium members the edge”.

UPDC Lifetime Premium Membership

UPDC Exchange Premium Membership Promo
UPDC Lifetime Premium Membership – Promotion

Second, the fact that you can get a lifetime premium membership and the benefits which come with it for only $100 is a steal! Even if you decide to wait till August it’s still one heck of a deal. The details of the promotion are:

June Promotion = Purchase over $100 in UPDC on the UpStake Exchange during the month of June and you get a Lifetime Premium Membership! This is the best deal, because you get the membership just by investing in UPDC tokens.

On August 1, 2019 the Premium Membership is slated to launch. At that time it will cost $199 in BTC for the Premium Membership.

And on January 1, 2020 the price for the Premium Membership goes up to $249.95 in BTC.

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t have all the details of all the benefits. However, the auto sell (starting at certain levels – more details to come) is a HUGE benefit. This means that while the UpStake exchange resets every hour, you don’t have to worry about entering your order each hour. Instead you can set a small amount to sell every hour, and check in at your convenience to adjust. Imagine selling $50, $10, or even just $5 every hour. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! At even $10 an hour, that would be $87,600 a year automatically! If you sold every hour. I believe level 10 premium membership will be needed for auto selling every hour. And there are no fees when you sell on the UpStake micro exchange!

I think this is yet another feature which will help increase liquidity! And liquidity is what we’re all fighting for.

Watch out for scammers!

Recently we were informed that there is a group of scammers telling members that they will cover the other half of the premium membership if you send BTC to their address. Their message is that you send them half the cost of the premium membership and they will cover the other half. THIS IS A SCAM! They will take your bitcoin. Do not pay anyone but UPDC for premium membership, and only pay through the official exchange.

UP Digital Currency (UPDC) has announced that the token rise percentage will be 18.5% for the period between June 2020 and November 2020. As you’ll see below the rise only token has had the schedule defined from December 1, 2018 all the way up to May 31, 2020. The token rise percentage is incrementally decreased over time. This gives the greatest reward to the earliest investors who took the largest risk. Investors from December 2018 to May 2019 enjoyed a comfortable 40% rise in their investment each month.

UPDC Token Price Rise Schedule

UPDC Token Economics

The best thing about this rise only token is that the token price doesn’t matter when you enter. The token price can’t be manipulated by the market. Whether the token is $100 per UPDC or $1 per UPDC, if you invest $1,000 the return is the same. For example. Let’s say you bought $1,000 worth of UPDC on the UpStake Exchange, and the token was $1 per UPDC. You will receive 1000 UPDC tokens. In one month at a 30% rise (which is where the token sits today) you would have $1,300. Same as if you invest a $1,000 when the UPDC token is $10 and you received a 100 UPDC tokens. Your balance after 1 month would still be $1,300 (if the rise was 30%). Compound that over a year or two, and you can have some serious gains!

Rise to $1 Million in UPDC

Below is a rough example of how a $5,000 investment in UPDC back in December of 2018 would turn into a little over $1 Million in a year and a half. Don’t worry, there is still plenty of time to invest and have a life changing return on your investment. 30% returns started today. That’s still a great investment!

UPDC Rise to a Million Dollars in Profit
Rise to $1 Million

The updated percentage should be reflected on the UpStake site during the next website update (sometime next week).

If you are interested in UPDC, I highly encourage you to go to their website and read their whitepaper. You can also contact the team in their telegram channel.

Moolah, Moolah, Moolah! It’s getting so close! The upcoming Moolah release is all the talk in the UPDC, UpStake, and Moolah telegram rooms. Now that I’ve released my Deep Dive of UPDC pillar page, I’m ready to start working on a Moolah comparison article. I’m ready for Moolah to launch, and to start staking UPDC tokens in order to get daily dividends. But most of all, I’m ready for Moolah to launch in order to start proving out the utility of the UPDC token.

Moolah’s Status

Moolah is currently in private Alpha Testing to work out most of the bugs, and will be going live in a public Beta shortly. Public Beta for Moolah will consist of the Dice game (see image below), full TRX support, UPDC Uplink, and UPDC Staking. Full support for various games; plus EOS, IOST, and UPDC pairs will be part of future updates. As far as I know Moolah will be the first Cryptocurrency Gambling site to pair against 3 – 4 cryptocurrencies. This is a game changer for Crypo Gambling.

moolah dice
Dice on Moolah

What is UPDC Staking?

Staking UPDC means you are supporting the team. They freeze your UPDC for 24 hours, and you gain profit sharing from the tron gamer losses. If you stake UPDC, you don’t have to buy TRX. You will get free TRX daily as a dividend from Staking UPDC, without selling the UPDC. You will stake UPDC using the new, and genius, “uplink” feature on Moolah that UPDC development team created. At this time there are 3 scenarios to Stake UPDC on Moolah. Each with a difference percentage amount that you can stake.

  1. You can stake 100% of the UPDC you earn through Moolah referrals. Yes they will have an awesome referral program.
  2. You can stake a percentage of UPDC tokens from Moolah mined UPDC. You mine UPDC every time a game is lost. So even when you lose, YOU STILL WIN!
  3. In addition, you can stake a percentage of your existing UPDC tokens which are currently sitting on the UpStake Exchange.
Moolah Dividends from Staking UPDC
Moolah Dividends from Staking UPDC

Are you ready for Moolah?

Do you have UPDC sitting on the UpStake Exchange so you can stake your UPDC? If you want to participate in playing you should have Tronlink installed on your phone, desktop, or as a chrome browser extension? Tronlink will allow you to use TRX to gamble on the site. If you don’t already have Tronlink, it’s easy to install and configure. Once you have Tronlink installed you can transfer your TRX tokens to it. It’s a good idea to freeze your TRX so you can get Bandwidth and Energy. Read more about Tron bandwidth and energy here.


Get ready, Moolah is coming soon, and we’re all excited about that! Keep an eye out for the upcoming Moolah whitepaper.

I had a great conversation with some of the UPDC leadership today. We talked about the Current Exchange, Future Liquidity of the Token, Moolah, the upcoming UpStake Exchange 2.0, as well as some additional future plans (there’s a lot of them). Today I’m going to give a bit of a preview into the upcoming Exchange 2.0. *** Note that this is still in development, so anything I post here is subject to change if the UPDC team determines there is a better option.

The Current UpStake Exchange

Let’s be honest, we know that the current exchange doesn’t exactly provide the best user experience. The concept was good, but in reality it has some issues. That’s OK though, since this was their original product. Most of the time when you come to market with a new product or concept the initial one has issues. A great company, and leaders, are able to recognize that, identify the pain points and iterate on their platform. Meaning they adapt to make the experience, and their product, better.

We all know that it sucks to race against the clock to try and get first in line to sell. If your internet is slow, or your computer isn’t gaming speeds, the order takes too long to process and you’re in the back of the line. Or worse… You are trying to sell a few tokens and get the number 3 spot; but you’re stuck behind someone with a 100,000 token sell order. After full adoption, when liquidity isn’t an issue, this would be ok. However, since this product and concept are new, that’s going to take some time. Until that time, you’re stuck behind some of these sellers trying to dump massive amounts of tokens; which is natural after a successful ICO. Exchange 2.0 will be a game changer by offering an all around better experience to UPDC users.

Enter UpStake Exchange 2.0

UpStake Exchange 2.0 for UPDC
UpStake Exchange 2.0 for UPDC Tokens

The Micro Exchange

Now if you’re wanting to sell smaller amounts of UPDC tokens you can go on the micro exchange, which is a race to the bottom. Meaning the smaller the sell order, the higher you are in line. Allowing people who are selling small amounts of tokens to not get stuck behind someone with a massive sell order. This will be a positive move to increase liquidity for the smaller sellers.

 UpStake 2.0 Micro Exchange View
UpStake 2.0 Micro Exchange View

Premium Account

In addition, you can sign up for a premium account, which will let you auto sell when you reach level 5 (among other things). This is another example of improving the user experience by removing the need to login each hour to place a sell order after the exchange resets. Now the only thing that you’ll need to adjust is the size of your sell orders in order to place in a favorable spot in line.

UpStake Exchange 2.0 Premium Membership
UpStake Exchange 2.0 Premium Membership

The Main Exchange

If you’re looking to sell larger amounts, or want to try and move yourself higher in line, you can do so on the main UpStake Exchange by using the Seller Power Score (SPS). You can raise your SPS by offering up more of a percentage of UPCD tokens then the next person in line. For example, if you are selling 100 UPDC, and you offer up 40 UPDC you would have a SPS of 40. You would move in front of anyone with a score lower then 40. The table below is just to show the way that SPS is calculated.

Seller Power Score Example

(fee amount/token sell amount) x 100 = SPS

I think this will do a few things. First, and I believe most importantly it will give the airdrop recipients the ability to cash out quickly. Since they never saw this as an investment they can use most of their UPDC tokens to raise their SPS score to help them cash out quickly. For those of us who believe in UPDC, and what they are working towards; we can still use the SPS to raise our score when we are looking to slowly sell some UPDC tokens for some profit taking as liquidity increases and we reap the rewards. No more racing against the clock every hour. The exchange still resets every hour. However, now you have the option to raise or lower your SPS to match your comfort level, and how quickly you would like to sell during any given hour.

UpStake Exchange 2.0 Seller Power Score (SPS)
UpStake Exchange 2.0 Seller Power Score (SPS)

What Else?

On top of all of that, there is a nice new GUI which will show different graphs and views (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly). There will be multiple crypto-currencies that are paired against the exchange. For buyers, you don’t pick the exchange, you place your order and it pulls from both exchanges. Also don’t forget Moolah, as well as other possible future projects, buying automatically from the exchange.

When will Exchange 2.0 be Released?

The expected release date is somewhere around July 2019 +/-. However, remember that the exchange is still in development, and there is no firm date set in stone. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available. You can also go to the official telegram room for more information.

On May 7, 2019 UP Digital Currency (UPDC) received approval from Tron that their dApp was accepted, and the company issued a system message scheduling the update. From the end user side, the whole update went extremely smooth, no major bugs or issues; which is a testament to the whole team. So what does this mean to you?

You’ll Have More Tokens

First thing you’ll notice is that you no longer have UPS tokens, but now have 100 times the amount of tokens, and they are now UPDC tokens. At the same time that your token holdings increased, the price decreased by a multiple of 100 times in order to even out the difference. This means your value remains the same! As I’ve discussed in my earlier post about the split, this is the same process that happens when a stock splits. See the image below for a reminder.

UpStake UPDC Split

UPDC is now on the Tron Blockchain

This was a major upgrade, which puts UPDC on the Tron Blockchain as a TRC-20 token. You can now verify your tokens, and where you are in line. Everything is transparent now for public viewing on the chain. If you want to see where you are in the grand scheme of things you can go to https://tronscan.com.

So, how do I check my UPDC ranking?

  1. Go to tronscan.org
  2. Search 🔍UPDC
  3. middle of page click on tab “token holders”
  4. Find your ranking, listed in descending order by token balance (how many UPDC you are holding)

I’ve included some screenshots below to walk you though this process.

Search for UPDC in the search field. You’ll see UP Digital Currency (UPDC). Pick that!

search UPDC at tronscan.com
Search UPDC at https://tronscan.com

This will bring you to the UPDC Token information on Tron.

UPDC on the Tron Blockchain
Just look at that! UPDC on the Tron Blockchain

Click on the Token Holders tab, and search for the amount of tokens you have in your Upstake.com wallet. This is your ranking.

Your UPDC Token Holdings
Your UPDC Token Holdings on TRC-20

Now that this is completed, we have the number of tokens needed to run multiple projects, which in turn will increase volume and liquidity of the token. Remember that UPDC is the company and the name of the token, UpStake.com is the exchange in which you can buy and sell UPDC tokens.

Remember this is an investment, and in it’s early stages

You are investing into the future potential, so its not the price, its the liquidity that will reflect the success of this project. This model just adds more protection so you don’t get wrecked my market manipulation, dumpers, wash trading and all the other BS that goes on in the crypto space. Volume/Liquidity is the only real issue at the moment, and it increases on a daily basis. Every hour people buy and people sell, but the goal is to increase the amounts so that in the future there is no waiting in line.

Think of the early days of BTC

It wasn’t as easy to sell your BTC; it’s the same thing with UPDC. Early investors take the more risk, but also reap the largest rewards; which is why the return rate 40% growth a month is so high right now. As the project matures, more projects are launched, and volume increases, they will slowly be decreasing the monthly growth. That being said, there will always been a monthly increase on the value.

Major UPSTAKE (UPDC) System Upgrade

When: 6am Tuesday, 7th May 2019 UTC
Duration: All services will be offline for 3-4 hours

The following upgrades will take place;

  1. UPDC to UPS split (100/1).
  2. Reducing token price by 100x to balance the split.
  3. Issuing everyone TRX addresses.
  4. Distributing 1 Billion UPDC tokens to members.
  5. Upgrading the exchange so it operates more like a dex when handling UPDC transactions. Note – A dex is a decentralized peer to peer exchange.
  6. Transaction logs will show on-chain.
  7. UPS, ERC20, Ethereum, old token price upgraded to reflect the new token (frontend & customer portal).
  8. Upgrades in the backend to support UpLink connections with trusted sites.

Once upgraded members will have the ability to verify all data, transactions, burned tokens, total circulating, and token balances through tronscan.org.

The smart contract can be verified here: https://tronscan.org/#/token20/TUezhPtdMYByMLtYXPS2J8UfRMqtXHEZsE

The team thanks everyone for their patience and support.