UpStake Exchange 2.0 for UPDC

I had a great conversation with some of the UPDC leadership today. We talked about the Current Exchange, Future Liquidity of the Token, Moolah, the upcoming UpStake Exchange 2.0, as well as some additional future plans (there’s a lot of them). Today I’m going to give a bit of a preview into the upcoming Exchange 2.0. *** Note that this is still in development, so anything I post here is subject to change if the UPDC team determines there is a better option.

The Current UpStake Exchange

Let’s be honest, we know that the current exchange doesn’t exactly provide the best user experience. The concept was good, but in reality it has some issues. That’s OK though, since this was their original product. Most of the time when you come to market with a new product or concept the initial one has issues. A great company, and leaders, are able to recognize that, identify the pain points and iterate on their platform. Meaning they adapt to make the experience, and their product, better.

We all know that it sucks to race against the clock to try and get first in line to sell. If your internet is slow, or your computer isn’t gaming speeds, the order takes too long to process and you’re in the back of the line. Or worse… You are trying to sell a few tokens and get the number 3 spot; but you’re stuck behind someone with a 100,000 token sell order. After full adoption, when liquidity isn’t an issue, this would be ok. However, since this product and concept are new, that’s going to take some time. Until that time, you’re stuck behind some of these sellers trying to dump massive amounts of tokens; which is natural after a successful ICO. Exchange 2.0 will be a game changer by offering an all around better experience to UPDC users.

Enter UpStake Exchange 2.0

UpStake Exchange 2.0 for UPDC
UpStake Exchange 2.0 for UPDC Tokens

The Micro Exchange

Now if you’re wanting to sell smaller amounts of UPDC tokens you can go on the micro exchange, which is a race to the bottom. Meaning the smaller the sell order, the higher you are in line. Allowing people who are selling small amounts of tokens to not get stuck behind someone with a massive sell order. This will be a positive move to increase liquidity for the smaller sellers.

 UpStake 2.0 Micro Exchange View
UpStake 2.0 Micro Exchange View

Premium Account

In addition, you can sign up for a premium account, which will let you auto sell when you reach level 5 (among other things). This is another example of improving the user experience by removing the need to login each hour to place a sell order after the exchange resets. Now the only thing that you’ll need to adjust is the size of your sell orders in order to place in a favorable spot in line.

UpStake Exchange 2.0 Premium Membership
UpStake Exchange 2.0 Premium Membership

The Main Exchange

If you’re looking to sell larger amounts, or want to try and move yourself higher in line, you can do so on the main UpStake Exchange by using the Seller Power Score (SPS). You can raise your SPS by offering up more of a percentage of UPCD tokens then the next person in line. For example, if you are selling 100 UPDC, and you offer up 40 UPDC you would have a SPS of 40. You would move in front of anyone with a score lower then 40. The table below is just to show the way that SPS is calculated.

Seller Power Score Example

(fee amount/token sell amount) x 100 = SPS

I think this will do a few things. First, and I believe most importantly it will give the airdrop recipients the ability to cash out quickly. Since they never saw this as an investment they can use most of their UPDC tokens to raise their SPS score to help them cash out quickly. For those of us who believe in UPDC, and what they are working towards; we can still use the SPS to raise our score when we are looking to slowly sell some UPDC tokens for some profit taking as liquidity increases and we reap the rewards. No more racing against the clock every hour. The exchange still resets every hour. However, now you have the option to raise or lower your SPS to match your comfort level, and how quickly you would like to sell during any given hour.

UpStake Exchange 2.0 Seller Power Score (SPS)
UpStake Exchange 2.0 Seller Power Score (SPS)

What Else?

On top of all of that, there is a nice new GUI which will show different graphs and views (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly). There will be multiple crypto-currencies that are paired against the exchange. For buyers, you don’t pick the exchange, you place your order and it pulls from both exchanges. Also don’t forget Moolah, as well as other possible future projects, buying automatically from the exchange.

When will Exchange 2.0 be Released?

The expected release date is somewhere around July 2019 +/-. However, remember that the exchange is still in development, and there is no firm date set in stone. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available. You can also go to the official telegram room for more information.