Increasing Liquidity in UPDC Through a Special Promotion

One of the items I talk about quite often is liquidity in this project. As a new project, it is the only missing piece of the puzzle. I also discuss all of the things that UP Digital Currency (UPDC) is doing to increase liquidity (development of new functionality, marketing, etc..). Well, they have another big one here for you. Buy $100 (USD) in UPDC and get $100 (USD) of UPDC for free. This is only available for first-time investors. *** Update, there is not a $100 match limit! UPDC will match $1 for $1 until they giveaway $1,000,000 USD in UPDC. That could take 1 million $1 individual orders, or one $1,000,000 order. If you have ever thought of investing in this project, I would say that now is the time. It’s basically half price for new investors’ first purchase.

You could even strategize a bit and get premium membership. Let’s say you had $1,000 (USD) to invest. You would need to convert to BTC since you can’t buy UPDC with Fiat at the moment. So you could buy $800 (USD) of UPDC which gets you $1,600 (USD) worth of UPDC and put the other $200 in BTC towards premium. That’s what I call a Win/Win!

The team is giving away $1,000,000 in UPDC tokens to first-time buyers. I’ll head off the FUD right now. These are purchases that happen on the exchange, Main and Micro with the 90/10 split. This is not a fundraising event for the company. The sellers (investors) are the ones selling the tokens that people are buying. The team is only getting 1% of the sale and the members selling are getting the rest. UPDC is simply matching dollar for dollar for each purchase.

The promotion runs from July 22, 2019, until August 31, 2019. Or until they give away the full $1,000,000 USD in UPDC.

I’m extremely excited to see UPDC increasing their marketing efforts. Any questions, please go to the Telegram Chat and speak to an admin.

Here is the Special Promotion

Have you been sitting on the fence waiting for the right chance to get involved with one of the best cryptocurrency projects since Bitcoin?

The UPDC Foundation is giving away $1M UPDC to FIRST TIME BUYERS of the token. Existing users have a great opportunity to refer friends and family to the platform for 1% of their deposits, paid in BTC.

UPDC tokens will automatically be transferred to the qualifying account within 48 hours of your purchase.

Visit now to participate!